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Moving forwards ...

Posted by: Julie - 05 Nov 2014 18:11

What a rollercoster it's been!  Since Jack made the decision to give up riding & Scooby found himself a new home, the next decision to make was what to do about Maddy?  She & I have been together for 8years now & in that time there have been an awful lot of highs, quite a few lows, but some incredible experiences.  She's given me the 'in' to eventing which is the only thing I've ever wanted to do & with that we did our first Three Day Event in long format, we DID get to Novice, although it was cut short in the show jumping, but as Millie & I have started to do more, especially this last year, away from competition, it has made me realise that Maddy has done all she can for me & if I want to progress, it's time to concentrate on just 1 horse.  It would be lovely to have a string of just 2 or 3 good competition prospects, but I just don't have the time or money to do multiples properly.

I've been quietly thinking about finding Maddy a new home since the spring but haven't done anything very positive about it until I advertised Scooby, then I thought 'now or never'.  And it's happened.  Sometimes you just get that 1 phonecall, it doesn't always feel terribly hopefully, but you agree to let the person come & view.  I stand there, introduce my horse, paint the worst possible picture of her that I can & then tack up.  It felt like everything I was doing I was making excuses.  And then the person viewing got on her.  It wasn't (I don't think) a WOW moment, but the lady in question obviously saw or felt something that made her realise that she could learn alot from my horse.  A couple of days later I took them hacking, which gave Maddy the opportunity to 'test the water' to see if her usual 'nap' would be off putting.  It wasn't.  And after a canter up the gallops, the plan was made for Maddy to move house.  

So there it is.  I've found 2 new homes for my 2 horses in the space of 2 weeks.  I've never done it before & doubt it'll ever happen again!  Timing is everything.  3 days in & the messages I've had from Corrinna are that Maddy has settled well & enjoying her hacking out.  What more could I ask for?!

That leaves a very quiet yard at home!  Millie & Yogi are out together which is really easy.  Yogi also now has the pony stable next door to Millie with a special stall guard across the door so he can see out!  Yaki, my livery, is still with me & in order for him to remain relaxed I had a mad panic on Saturday morning as I suddenly realised he wouldn't have any company when Millie was away (Yogi travels with her).  So thanks to Facebook, I posted a plea for a companion pony & managed to land myself with another minature shetland, chestnut this time, to keep Yaki company!!  Luckily, adding a mini doesn't bring the same problems as adding a bigger pony, it's just like having another dog!!

And now the exciting prospect of competing my lovely homebred horse is feeling a little bit more achieveable.  It's amazing how just another hour or so in the day has freed me up to be able to groom her properly, clean my tack, fit more work in, oh, & of course the more mundane stuff like getting to go & do the weekly food shop at a slightly more sensible time of day instead of rushing round when I could be sat watching Jack swim .....

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