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Happy New Year!

Posted by: Julie - 04 Jan 2015 13:23

2014 was a year of change for me.  I chose not to event but to put all my efforts into teaching & producing Millie.

Having made the decision to give Maddy a 'back seat' so to speak, she spent the spring & summer spudling around the field just enjoying a bit of Rest & Relaxation which then allowed me time to focus of producing Millie, with the help of my new trainer, Margaret Millward.  Margaret has had her work cut out as not only has she had to help me work on dealing with Millie's 'issues' but she's also had to transform the jockey into the bargain!  My whole style of riding over fences has changed & it has made me more effective, I rarely hail a cab these days - but I won't speak too soon!!

With this training, it enabled me to bag the final phase of my Stage 4 Riding that I needed & following on from that, I took the plunge & took my Intermediate Teaching Test too.  Unfortunately, my teaching exam was postponed & I ended up taking the 2 exams back to back in September which gave me passes on 5 out of 7 units in my teaching exam, just missing out on the 2 units of training competition riders.  I always knew this would be my weakest phase, as the majority of my clients fall outside of this category, but none the less, I am now 2 units away from becoming a BHSII which I hope to complete later this year.  It is very true what is said, not only if you are competing you should be riding to a higher level at home but after this experience, I truly believe to be successful at this level of exam, you definately need to be riding up there too.  Unless of course you are natually uber talented, which I am not!!

As the year has progressed, my client base has changed a little & although I am always very happy to teach anybody who needs me, it is nice to be able to start to focus a little more on riders who are competing - but don't be put off by that, my ethos hasn't changed!!

The horse here have changed though.  In September I said a very sad goodbye to Scooby.  Jack made the decision that he just wasn't interested in riding anymore & as he is entitled to choose his own path, Scooby was sold on to a lovely family near Minehead who absolutely adore him.  In November, after an unsuccessfulI attempt at loaning, I made the heartbreaking decision to have Maddy put to sleep.  As much as I love her, she's always been incredibly difficult to ride & on some occasions, deal with generally, and her heart just didn't seem to be in the competing any more.  She was too complicated & unpredictable to just be a hack & although not dangerous, there are very few people who would deal or put up with her quirkiness.  So she is now permanently grazing in the sunshine.

Which leaves 2015 an open doorway!  Millie has been out competing at unaffilliated dressage this autumn at Prelim level & never been out of the placings so I'm looking to start Novice tests with her soon as well as getting some show jumping outings in & cross country schooling started as soon as courses are open.  I have always had huge hopes for her & this hopes seem to be starting to take shape.  Hopefully this year we will get back out eventing ...... just watch this space!!! 


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