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Introducing ...

Posted by: Julie - 28 Apr 2015 18:12

... now been with me for 5 weeks.  I bought her to help me out with my jumping confidence & enable me to get out & compete whilst still producing Millie quietly at home.  Millie is taking longer than anticipated as she is a little quirky to say the least, but we now have an additional problem that has to undergo veterinary investigation.  So in the mean time ....

It's very true what they say, if you don't use it, you lose it & as show jumping has always been the phase I struggle with the most, needless to say I've not been finding it easy to get Millie going.  The other thing I have noticed as I've not been out competing is that my teaching stagnates a little.  I'm as enthusiastic as ever, but the different occurrences that happen in the ring, definitely keep you sharp & problem solving.

So I decided to find myself a more experienced horse to get me going again & out & competing.  With all these things, finding the right one with the right credentials in the right price bracket is never easy, but on this occassion, luck has been on my side!  Not only did I find Bertha through a friend, but even more spookily, she was being sold by somebody I knew years ago, whose children I used to teach, and, on the journey Bertha took to get to me, she lived with another old friend of mine who had kept her in the stables I used before I met my husband!  Maybe the horse was looking for me??!  

So the last 5 weeks have been taken up with getting to know my new horse.  We've done the routine stuff of back checks, dentist, vaccinations etc etc & the training has started in earnest.  I found her quite big & cumbersome to begin with - bearing in mind, Millie is 16hh of TB elegance whilst Bertha is 16.2hh of solid Irish horse - but as we have progressed, she is getting easier to ride.

Our first outing was a hunter trial over a really nicely built course, but a little twistier than I would have liked & steering was a bit of an issue.  Then we had a crack at a combined training event, which is Dressage & show jumping.  The dressage I was quite pleased with & the judges' comments told me pretty much what I already knew, which was quite nice as I'm obviously on the right lines.  The show jumping was a round that doesn't need talking about any more than I already have - a bit too quick & not much control!!  So, off the back of that, knowing I needed some help, I had a lesson with the lady who evented & show jumped the horse back in 2009, a very knowledgeable international show jumper at that!!  She gave me loads of help & useful tips & the loan of some brakes so off we then went to our first ODE!

A much improved dressage test, more balanced, uphill & rideable, Bits of the show jumping were ok but following a tricky warm up, to actually get round was a huge achievement in itself, I did, however, have more control which is always useful!  And to top it off, a really fab clear round across the country!  It was a real eventers cross country too, lots of questions & combinations which we just ate up, so a really huge confidence boost!

So now it's back to the schooling, more lessons & some show jumping competitions until I'm ready to go out BE eventing.  It's going to be a busy summer .....!!




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