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Catching up ...

Posted by: Julie - 21 Oct 2015 12:50

Bannerfarm Breeze (Bertha) has now been with me for 7 months & has settled in really well.  She continues to improve on the flat & my show jumping is improving & the confidence slowly returning!  I have been out competing at some very low key unaffiliated shows, under the radar to take the pressure off myself & we’ve been actually having a good time! We have experimented with various different bitting arrangements & I think we have finally found a good solution.  The more I’ve got to know her, the more I’ve realised that she can be quite a worrisome horse who is quite scared of her mouth and does get upset quite easily, so, although she has a lot of experience behind her, we are finding ways to move forwards together which is proving to be very rewarding.  I thought initially I would just be able to go out & compete her but with the training we have done, by going right back to basics, it has been a real eye opener & as a result we are progressing together really well.  This winter will consist of a lot of Show jumping with some dressage thrown in so that we will be ready for next Spring as I’m now really looking forward to getting back out  Eventing in 2016!



Tinkers Mill (Millie) I do believe has finally turned a corner!!  Back in April it all came to a head with her behaviour – or lack of – prompting me to take drastic action.  The vet was called to see her & was then transferred to the Valley Equine Clinic in Lambourn initially for a full body scan.  After the scan, the hotspots that showed up were X-rayed & she was found to have a conformational defect (Pedal bone at the wrong angle) in her off hind foot which in turn had led to bony changes in that hock & a vertebra joint.  The Vet at the clinic also made the decision to scope Millie to look for stomach ulcers as her behaviour was so erratic.  This showed up gastric ulcers in both the top & bottom of her stomach of Grades 2 & 3.  All sounds very dramatic but she was at least coming home with answers.

6 Months on, she has received treatment for the bony changes, remedial shoeing for her conformation issues & is nearly 2 months down the line from the end of her ulcer treatment.  She looks amazingly well & is back in work hacking & schooling.  There is a monumental change in her behaviour, she’s a lot quieter but also when ridden she is far more obliging & a lot less nappy.  She still tries it on a bit but she wouldn’t be Millie if she didn’t!  She will continue to school & hack until after Christmas & then all being well we’ll take her back for jump lessons & some dressage outings.



On the business front, lessons continue to be in full flow & I have a new horse to school.  I have picked up some new clients over the spring & summer so there are some new challenges afoot.  I continue to be excited with pupils excelling with their horses & love to hear their feedback & how the latest outing went! This coming year I am hoping to do more with each of the individual combinations & maybe less of the ‘Group outings’ but knowing me, never say never!

So now my blog is bang up to date!  I’m hoping that the next one will start to reveal competition results so watch this space …..!!

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