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A good start to 2016!

Posted by: Julie - 06 Apr 2016 15:36

It's been a busy winter with my girls, lots of jump lessons with Bertha & trips out to clinics with Millie.  Bertha & I started our competition campaign in early March with Combined Training at West Wilts & more recently Mendip Plains EC.  The West Wilts outings started off very well with a Win in the 80cm class & although MPEC has never been a particularly happy hunting ground for some reason, it has certainly been a very useful venue of late and I have continued to 'plug away' in the 85cm class & today managed to get it all together & earn a 2nd place!  The whole point of me doing the Combined Training has been to get both a dressage outing & a show jump outing together so making good use of time.  

We went to our first ODE in mid March at Moreton, which is a venue I've always enjoyed going to & have had some very good results at.  It was the first time in almost a year since we had been Cross country so it was more of a fact finding mission as I wasn't sure how much control I would have in my choice of bit.  As it turned out, we had a great day - even though the dressage was a bit of a disaster (the arena resembled a ploughed field, it had been so wet but we did at least get our run) we had a great clear round show jumping & then a steady cross country.  Unfortuneately, being a little rusty, I didn't walk the line of a double particularly well which resulted in me riding a very bad line so I added a circle which incurred a 20 penalties but the whole way of going was far more important & I came home very pleased!

At the end of March we went to Pontispool's unaffilliated ODE with much better results!  An awesome 26 in the dressage phase, followed by a good show jumping clear and an incredible ride across the country which earned us a 4th place!!  So very thrilled!

Having nailed the show jumping at 80cms, I'm now pushing it up very slowly - the confidence is improving and I'd like it to stay that way!  It may seem slow to some, but it's working for me and that is what matters. 

Entries are in for our next unaffilliated ODE which is going to be the next level up, so between now & then, the combined training is going up too in preparation.  I have finally got around to doing Bertha's change of ownership with British Eventing with a view to our first affilliated outing next month.

Millie has been back to the vet after her behaviour began to deteriorate & it has been discovered that although the hind limb lameness has gone, there is still a little discomfort in her back & her gastric ulcers have returned, so she's having a quiet couple of weeks whilst the ulcers settle and then hopefully we can pick her up - again - & try to start moving forward.  It's got to happen soon, surely ?!

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