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Successful first 'Back to Basics' clinic

Posted by: Julie - 18 May 2016 19:23

I always find it so incredible how effective it is being able to encourage a rider to take a step back from what they're trying to achieve & just get them to focus on the basic things like riding from leg to hand, getting the horse going forwards infront of the leg or not worrying about where the horse is initially carrying his head.  It can have such an immediate effect on the horses' way of going when the rider concentrates on the foundations.  This was proven again this morning during my Back to Basics clinic.  One particularly tense horse transformed before my eyes & to the delight of his rider by relaxing and working over his back into a super rhythm & a soft outline.  Not only is the horse happier and therefore relaxes, but it gives the rider a really positive feeling which then leads to an increase in their confidence which can sometimes be quite an emotional journey!

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