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My trip to 'The Dark Side' ..

Posted by: Julie - 21 Jun 2016 12:58

 Who would have thought that a return trip to jump at the venue where I broke my ankle several years ago would be quite so traumatic!  I didn't think I would feel quite so ill and ride quite so badly - but I did.

It left me feeling rubbish & I knew I had to turn it around so I took a trip to Chard Showground on Sunday to go & jump with the SWSJC.  The plan was to jump the British Novice on the new surface followed by the Club 90 class on the grass.

I did walk the BN course & it looked nice & inviting but I decided that a confidence run was the order of the day & I needed to stay chilled, so I opted for the Club 80 & 90 classes on grass, mainly because that is what I will be doing next.

The rain came down & Bertha had obviously decided that it was about time she took charge & shut the idiot rider up!  She was awesome!  We managed to jump a double clear to Win the 80!! How's THAT for a confidence boost!!  

I think the hardest bit was trying to remember the jump off course - it's been a long time since I had to do one of those!

So having gone & waved my rosette at the only person I knew there, I went back to jump the 90.  I was first to go as no-one else seemed keen as it was raining again, so in I went.  And we flew...  it was the most wonderful feeling, Bertha was bold & taking charge but I trusted her to be right & managed to stay with her and she listened when I said wait - but I made sure I didn't say wait too often!!  As the tanoy announced my clear round I couldn't believe it!  An amazing feeling!  And as it turned out, we had the only clear round of the day in our section so won that class too without having to jump off!

Back to Eventing now with the next event on the horizon, a final crack at a BE80T before we up the anti & go up to BE90 and I can't wait!!


   A very wet Bertha after her classes with her very smart rosettes !!



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