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Posted by: Julie - 22 Feb 2012 17:51

Monday saw the departure of the 3 holiday livery ponies which then prompted me to have a major yard re-shuffle!  With Mattie & Toffee on the transfer list this is always a good way for me to distance myself from them.  So they're now living in the indoor turnout, Millie has moved down the line next to Maddy with Star next to her.

Yesterday delivered a very intense Physiotherapy session on the shoulder.  I know Belinda had said it would get harder once I was past 12 weeks post op & she didn't let me down!  My next round of 'therapy' was taking Maddy for a lesson with Hayley - wow that was just what I needed!  Maddy hasn't jumped since Aldon & I've not left the ground in 16 weeks but she felt incredible!  The shoulder worked pretty well too which both suprised & pleased me!  My plans are to get her fit now to run around a BE90 in 6 weeks time at Larkhill, so with that in mind, we went hacking this morning, well, we tried.  I managed to get the lorry stuck on a grass verge & had to go & find a helpful farmer to pull us out so I abandonded that idea & schooled her at home instead!  Will try again tomorrow!

Mattie schooled well this morning which was pleasing.  She is being vetted tomorrow for the people that viewed her last Friday, we also have a viewing booked for Sunday, so they're going to have to decide quickly if they want her!  I did some trailer training with her & she was an angel, followed me up the ramp pretty much straight away - she is SO level headed that one, she's going to make someone a cracking horse.

I have managed to solve Star's saddle problem too.  The last time I tried to put a crupper on her to keep the saddle in place she bucked for England but I needed to try again, if Jack wants to take her hunting I need that saddle to stay put!  Another angel! She trotted & cantered around on the lunge without so much as a kick out!  Just a braking system to put in place now!

Toffee has a viewing this evening so I'm off to make her look more beautiful than ever!  The lady sounds lovely, lets hope she, in the first instance, turns up & secondly decides she is what she's looking for.  Watch this space! ....


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