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What a great way to end the week!

Posted by: Julie - 26 Feb 2012 17:57

I finished my blog on Wednesday as I was waiting for someone to come & view Toffee.  Well, she came, she liked, she came back this morning & Toffee moves to her new home next Sunday!  I am thrilled, Charlotte seems lovely & I believe Toffee will have a home for life.  She's promised to stay in touch &, what's more, the livery yard where Toffee will be living is also home to a very good friend's horses so there is another connection.  Very happy!

To follow that, I also had a viewing for Mattie today.  Another successful hours work!  The lady in question loved Mattie, she's coming back to see her again on Wednesday - with her deposit so I can take her off the market!  Another super new home for one of my horses is on the cards.  A very positive end to a productive week!

As far as the rest of the week is concerned, Thursday saw a vetting for Mattie for last weeks prospective buyers.  The mare passed happily although the buyers have changed their minds, but no worries, was nice to be able to inform today's potential purchasers that she flew a 2* vetting.

Yesterday was manic!  No time for me to ride or school anybody!  A lesson in the morning for Elizabeth on her pony that she very kindly lent Jack to take hunting, followed by 5 hours of Pony Club lessons - exhausting, but very rewarding!!

On a very proud Mummy note, Jack had his Pony Club lesson yesterday & not only did he manage the whole lesson without Holly's help, but he managed to canter her in both directions & got practically ALL the way around the school!!!  Brilliant!!  Clever boy & one SUPER pony!!  She is going to make another family a super pony after Jack has outgrown her - that'll be a sad day me thinks!

Well, here's to another positive week, fingers crossed my Mattie lady has another super ride on Wednesday & her vet is also happy to pass the mare I'm planning to bring Millie back into work this week & I also need to find time to clip Maddy before our jump session on Wednesday as she's a bit on the woolly side & this warm weather is making her rather sweaty!  Am looking forward to teaching the lovely Jo & Rolo tomorrow morning & if the weather is anything like its been all weekend, I think a glorious week could be on the cards - especially as I've got to get some hacking in with Maddy!



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