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Is Spring here ....?

Posted by: Julie - 01 Mar 2012 18:02

Monday started with teaching the lovely Jo & Rolo.  When I left her she was about to get her clippers out & de-furr him, so I probably have Jo to thank for inspiring me to get on with my own!!  Its the first time I've done any clipping since I destroyed my shoulder & although I wasn't concerned, it certainly wasn't easy using & holding them in my left hand.  But I got it done & Maddy stood like a rock which certainly made things easier.

Mattie has schooled beautifully again the early part of this week.  She is so lovely to ride & if I had time to continue to produce her, it would certainly be an enjoyable one, but something has to give, I'd rather ride & produce 2 horses well than 4 horses below par.

Tuesday meant another trip to the Physio & it was really very nice to see her impressed with my improvement.  I don't think it comes from doing the prescribed exercises, I've got really bad at doing those over the last few weeks, I think its just getting on & having to do horses, stretching to put bridles on, clipping & mane pulling, which hasn't been easy but seems to be doing the trick!!  Stretching my arm up has improved 10 degrees in a week - well as long as she continues to be pleased I must be doing something right!!

Millie came back into work - again - on Tuesday too!  Lunging in a very grown up way.  Her saddle went back on today & I'm looking forward to getting back on her after she's had her front shoes put back on on Monday!

On Wednesday Maddy & I went for a jumping lesson..... Oh its sooooo good to be back jumping her!!  She felt amazing!!  We're working on our rhythm & getting me to sit & do nothing, it didn't take long before we were back to 'popping' 3'3 (1m).  5 weeks until our first event!!

My potential purchaser for Mattie came back to ride her again after my jump session.  The good news is she still really likes her & has arranged the vetting for next Wednesday!  As she's already passed a 2 stage vetting, I can't forsee any problems, so with a bit of luck by this time next week, I will have 2 horses less - fingers crossed!!





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