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New experiences.. & Mixed emotions...

Posted by: Julie - 04 Mar 2012 14:50

Looking forward to next Thursday's appointment!  In the half hour I had to kill between said therapy & dropping Jack off at school, I gave a lesson to Belinda on schooling Charlie's horse, Pete.  It felt like a bit of a crash course as we managed to cover an awful lot in what seemed to be a very short 30 minutes! 

Friday was another milestone for me in this recovery process, not only did I take Maddy for a hack up in the woods, but I managed to get myself back onto Millie, my homebred rising 4yr old.  What a good girl she was!  After 10 mins lunging it was all getting a bit tedious, there was no whooping about, just polite walk, trot & canter, so I thought, stuff this, lets just get on.  She didn't put her back up or anything naughty & we managed a few quiet circles on both reins!  The relief!  It makes me almost feel back to 'normal'!  So as my friend Laura said to me on hearing the news, 'Bring on the 4yr old classes'!!

I also managed to get Russell to do some DIY repairs that were desperate - & had been for nearly a month!  So Maddy now has her stable back as the door hinge has been repaired, & I also have lights in the turnout!!  It doesn't take much to please me!  You'd think he'd have learnt that after 16 years!! Crikey, you'd get less for murder!!

Saturday was hectic!  Not only did I manage to double book myself which meant an early start teaching in Trowbridge at 8.15am, but we had Pony Club Achievement Badges rally testing in which the 'mini badge' candidates were tested on Horse Clothing. They had to identify at least 2 types of rug, 2 types of boots & know how to measure their pony for a rug & how to do it up.  All 9 children passed their badge, the youngest being 4 & Jack was also included &, as usual, had far too much to say about it all!  But they all enjoyed it & now have another badge for Mum's to sew onto their sweatshirts!  The Junior badge was Tack Cleaning & as the candidates had cleaned my bridles at the initial rally, I encouraged them to bring their own to clean for the badge testing.  Happily they all passed this too, so now there is no excuse for dirty tack at camp or rallies!!

Then I met the pony Kayla.  She came to be assessed as a potential purchase for one of my Pony Club kids & what a lovely pony!  Edward is a very lucky boy!  I'm looking forward to seeing them at my rally next week!

The week has finished on a note of mixed feelings.  I have just returned from delivering Toffee to her new home.  Super little horse, she loaded onto the lorry with no fuss, shouted alot between here & Sparkford, but by the time we reached Podimore she was quiet.  She arrived at her new home having barely raised a sweat (obviously testament to my quality driving!)  Walked sedately down the ramp & into her new stable where she proceeded to tuck into a large haynet!  Before I left, we turned her out into her indiviual turnout where she made friends with her neighbours & promptly stuck her head down & ate grass - what a superstar!  I'm sure she & Charlotte will have a brilliant time together & I've made Charlotte promise to stay in touch!  I'll also be able to see her the next time I drive down the M5 toward Wellington.  Good Luck Toffee, be happy xxx





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