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End of the week ......

Posted by: Julie - 11 Mar 2012 17:49

How wonderful weatherwise today has been, from what started off looking grey & miserable turning out to be beautiful sunshine!  I have spent the day catching up with the boring things that should have been done days ago, like washing, food shopping & going and getting paint & then getting the wrong one!!AArrrgghhh!!  Never mind, I spent a lovely afternoon with Jack & his pony hacking around the lanes, well I had to ride the bike, but never the less we had a great time!  It was good for Jack & Star to do something other than Pony Club rallies in the school - he seems to have done quite a few lately - & really lovely for the pony to get out.  I may have made a rod for my own back now as I did say I would bring Star to pick him up from school so he could ride home!  Oh well, I guess I will be fit!!

I had another Hydrotherapy appointment on Thursday morning & after telling the Hydrotherapist that Belinda (the physio)  said I needed more 'lateral rotation' work on the shoulder & not to be nice to me, to work me hard - she did just that!!  I had to move the equivilent of dumb bells in the water with my arm in various different positions - and GOD was it hard!!  But I refused to be beaten by a piece of foam (that'll be the competitive person in me then!) and managed to do the exercises - & more - that I needed to AND with no aches or pain the day after!!

I had a lovely text from Charlie, who now has Toffee, saying how Toffee had done her first little bit of Long reining with 2 reins, roller & boots!  GO TOFFEE!!  And then to top it off, I had an email from Alice, who has Mattie, with a photo of Mattie looking out over her new stable door, telling me how well she's settled in & how she lunged like a pro!  Happy horses & new owners!  I feel very lucky.

On Friday I went show jump schooling with Laura & the ever worried MrB.  I have to say, he went the best I've ever seen him go & jumped fantastically looking very settled.  Sadly when we went out onto the cross country course, he went back to being worried & tried to disappear across the field with Laura. Mmm, don't know what we can do with this one .... am on a bit of a time limit & sadly I think its time & 'doing' he needs, don't know, guess only time will tell ...

Friday evening Pony Club rallies have started again & as Jack had decided he wanted to join in, it meant we had to take Star with us, so it turned into quite a long evening.  It made up for it the fact that I had 3 super groups to teach & everyone enjoyed themselves.  When we finally got home at 8.30pm, poor Jack was hanging, hardwork all this having fun & playing with mates!

Saturday brought more rallies at home this time but it turned out to be a very peaceful day, no chaotic parking or naughty ponies - Bliss!

On the domestic front, I have to be sometimes although I'm not that good at it, I have used some of my horse money to buy a new dishwasher!  Ours hasn't worked for at least 5 years, despite trying to have it fixed on numerous occasions.  Now, I didn't think it would be too traumatic asking Russell to remove the old one so the guys can take it away when they deliver the new one - oopps, how wrong could I be?!?  I can currently hear him cussing in the kitchen which is never good.  Russell & plumbing do not mix.  The last time he did anything like that, he tried to change a mixer tap in the kitchen when Jack was very small & managed to leave me without water for 24 hours, so we do try to avoid getting Russell to do anything like that at all costs!  So I'd better go & see what carnage is going on in my kitchen - fingers crossed as I'm not looking forward to this at all!



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