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Exciting start to my week!!!

Posted by: Julie - 14 Mar 2012 18:55

Well on Sunday evening the dishwasher finally came out - accompanied by much cussing & swearing I hasten to add!  There was a huge pile of washing up sat on the side waiting for the new dishwasher to arrive as I flatly refused to go anywhere near it - instead, Russell & I sat & tucked in to a tub of Carte D'Or ice cream!  I had a super text from Charlie who has Toffee, who informed me that Toffee doesn't like being washed off so learnt very quickly how to untie herself.  She didn't disappear off though, she just walked casually off around the yard with her rope in her mouth!!  I can just see her doing it too!!  FAR too clever!! 

I also heard that one of my Pony Club pupils, got a 3rd place in her first jumping competition of the year!  Well done Lucy & Barney!!

On Monday morning Maddy & I went hacking in PenSelwood & had a wonderful time as we found a new ride around the woods & managed to complete the minimum of 10k that I like to do when doing a general hack - from a fitness point of view.  On returning home, an office full of End of Business Year paperwork was sat waiting for me - JOY!!  Millie had front shoes put on that evening & the silly filly pratted about & managed to stand on a toe clip before it had been properly nailed to her foot - resulting in a bruised foot & a lame Millie - just as we were starting to get going too but hopefully it won't cause a problem for too long.

By 10.30pm the new dishwasher was installed & working & it even has a posh door to hide behind so it looks like kitchen cupboards!!  Stupidly excited!!

Just when Russell didn't think I could get any more excited, the new surface for the arena arrived on Tuesday morning!!! Whoop Whoop!!  It's sat stacked in the yard at the moment waiting for Saturday to arrive so Russell can put it down for me!

Tuesday afternoon I had my penultimate Physio appointment.  Belinda continues to be amazed at my progress to the extent that there's not alot more she can do for me!  Good stuff, appointments are starting to get in the way of the day!!

The first half of the week I've rounded off with a jump lesson with Maddy.  What a star!!  She is feeling amazing & really established popping around a 1.10 track, just got to keep my cool at a competition to reproduce the same result now!

I can see an early night on the cards for me tonight as I cycled to collect Jack from school this afternoon - with Star in tow!  Am feeling SHATTERED now!!  All his little girlie friends wanted to pat her outside the school gates - his dad is always telling him that its a sure fire way to get girls!!

Well, I now just have to contain my excitment until the weekend when the new surface goes down!!  I think there will be lots of Whoop Whoop going on then!  Sadly, knowing my luck, it'll be Monday before I get to ride on it, clients have to come first!!





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