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Busy, busy ....!!

Posted by: Julie - 21 Mar 2012 18:24

Shirley & Tigger came back to see me on Monday.  I had Tigger in for schooling this time last year & I don't think I've seen them since last May, so not only was it great to see them but it was fantastic to see how well Shirley had got on building on the work I'd done with Tigger whilst he was here, soooo rewarding!!  I'm looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow & continuing to build on the work she's done.

I also caught up with Laura, whom I've known for ages & taught her on her 'ginger beast' (her terminology for her chestnut mare, not mine!!) before she moved to Towcester & started her new business.  She & her friend have opened a saddlery shop, so if any of you are Towcester way, call in & give Oaks Equestrian your support!! - I'm waiting for the Mail Order Catalogue to come out! I know you read the blog Laura, was great to see you, thank you for your support & I'm thrilled things are working out for you as you'd hoped!!

One of my Pony Club girls, Lauren, came for a lesson with her lovely little mare on Monday evening.  It is always such a pleasure to teach people like Lauren who not only try to do the things you ask them when they're with you, but also go home & practice & then come back for their next lesson & show the improvement they've made having listened to your advice.  Fantastic!

I was discharged from the Physio on Tuesday - what a milestone!!  Belinda said that there is nothing else she can do for my shoulder now, any more improvement will come in time.  I now have 120 degrees upward stretch & the maximum I could have is 140, so that's not bad.  My 'lateral rotation' has also improved lots - that's my hand moving outwards away from my body when my elbow is at right angles!  I've still got a couple of Hydrotherapy sessions left, so hopefully that will help to keep my strength improving.

Well Maddy had her 'competition shoes & pads' put on yesterday. We have to put gel pads on to protect the soles of her front feet as although she prefers to run on firmer ground, the Thoroughbred in those feet aren't that keen!!  But the pads make such a difference to the way she moves, even on an artifical surface, that when we went for our jumping session with Hayley today, Hayley could tell that she had her pads on within 30 seconds of looking at her - they make THAT much difference.  As my farrier, Peter, said to me yesterday, 'it just shows that they do have a use & it's not just a way for the farrier to get more money out of you'!  I have to agree, whole heartedly!  Not only did Maddy look better but OMG(! I do hate that phrase!!) she pinged over the fences!  I also found my 'fold' (correct position) over a fence - the first time in years - maybe there's hope for me yet!!






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