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First Cross Country of the year under my belt .....!

Posted by: Julie - 26 Mar 2012 13:34

WELL!!  Infact, I couldn't have asked for better!!  Maddy felt strong, powerful & bold, took it all in her stride quite literally!  It's her first run since Aldon Pre Novice 3 Day last October & as I don't seem to be able to find time or co-ordinate with anyone to go xc schooling proper, I've taken to using a local hunter trial to do the job for me & it seems to be working!  I went to Warminster last year but this year at Toomer Farm it felt even better.  She was bold, totally on her line whether jumping on an angle or at the skinnies & every question she was asked she responded without question, so I am totally thrilled!  Roll on Larkhill ODE in 2 weeks time!!

Teaching has been really busy too this week.  I caught up with some old friends near Bradford on Avon whom I've not taught for a while.  It was good to see both them & their horses looking & performing well & great to hear about their plans for the coming year.  Pony Club teaching was busy this week with both Friday evening rally at Naydon Equestrian & a Saturday rally here.  Jack & I went without Star on Friday, he wasn't ready in time so the pony didn't go, after that he was ready to ride for his Saturday rally & he did really well, even though he started off by falling off as Star was a little fresh!!  I now have it on good authority that the new surface is a soft landing!! He soon overcame it though & by the end of his lesson, he was jumping little cross poles!  He even got on & rode on Sunday before we left for the hunter trial & was cantering around & jumping again, it was lovely to see him really enjoying himself. As we walked around the xc course, he was full of 'I can do that', so looks like we have a new xc fiend in the making!!

Now don't ever let anyone tell you horses are a glamourous lifestyle - it's not.  This week I put Maddy & Millie back onto shavings beds instead of straw as they have been for the last couple of years.  No big thing you say, well no, its not, lots of people use it but I had forgotten just how labour saving using shavings is.  However, not being known as someone who does anything by halves, it wasn't just a case of swopping bedding materials, oh no, that's FAR too easy, I pulled up all the rubber mats, scrubbed them, scrubbed & discinfected the floors underneath & then replaced them before the new beds went down!  I could smell Jeyes Fluid on my hands for days but the end result is a much sweeter smelling me & my yard!  It comes to something when a friend you've not seen for ages, that knows you well, gives you a hug & follows it up with 'god you stink!  Are your horses on straw?'!  That was the final decider for me.  At least you can always rely on your good friends to be honest!! 

I am pleased to report that Millie is now over her bruised foot & feeling very sound & incredibly well again - as she launched herself around on the lunge yesterday bucking & kicking!!

Horses are changing hands again - not mine this time.  Rolo is a 15.3 8yr old cob that is looking for a new loving home with an experienced rider to take him out to discover more about life.  He's totally safe in traffic & really easy to do, he's just got a bit big & a bit clever for his lovely lady owner & has started throwing his weight about abit.  He could do with a bit more of an exciting life & go to parties, hunting, that sort of thing.  So if you know anyone who may fit the bill, give me a shout or pass the details on to them.  We're looking for a lighter 15.2 ish schoolmaster/ mistress to take his place. 

Am planning to take Millie for her first ride in the lorry later ...... will keep you posted!!

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