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What a fabulous week!

Posted by: Julie - 01 Apr 2012 20:46

It may not seem like a big thing to those of you that travel horses regularly, but you have to remember that Millie is my homebred pride & joy & the first time I tried to put her on the lorry with her mum, she flatly refused to go in!  So its been one of those things that I've put off & put off but it was getting to the stage where if I didn't travel her soon, I'd probably never take her anywhere & how on earth was I ever going to get her to Hayley for a lesson in the first place!!  But it's now done.  She was a very good girl & went all the way to Morrisons & home - a huge total of about 4 miles - without as much as a neigh or a stamp of the foot, so as far as I'm concerned, job done!!

Maddy & I had our usual jump session on Wednesday & usually after a cross country round, the show jumping is a bit scrappy.  This time, however, it was a bit too chilled!!  I did ask Hayley if she felt ok when she put 'Julie, relaxed, & Show jumping' in the same sentence, its never happened before!!  Long may it continue!

Thursday brought my final Hydrotherapy session & I'm pleased to report that my range of movement in my left shoulder has improved quite dramatically in the last 6 weeks.  Its strength has improved &, as with the physio, the rest of my return to 'normality' is now down to time.  Hopefully this time next year I will be able to report that I have my full range & strength back, but if I don't get it all back I think I've got enough to be able to not worry, which can only be good.

I enjoyed a VERY rare night out on Friday.  I taught my usual Pony Club rally at Naydon Equestrian, our last one until after Easter, & then as Russell very kindly came & collected Jack & Star from the rally, I hot footed it to Knapp near North Curry to enjoy a birthday meal with my best friend, Sharon, & 18 other girls!!  A great night, great food & fantastic company!  It wasn't until I realised it was 10.45pm that I had to bid a hasty retreat home as a 5.45am alarm call was waiting for me to go off & teach for 7.45am!  It sadly came too soon & as I got through Saturday, realised how old I must be getting as I just can't function without my 8 hours sleep - maybe I just need more practice!

Today has been a really lovely day.  I took Jack hacking this morning on his pony & I was able to ride Annie - who I have to say was supposed to be setting a good example & didn't!!  Very cheeky!  When I got home I rode Millie in the school & got Russell to take some photos, I don't think we had any up to date pictures of Millie until today.  I also managed to ride her out of the school & down the drive to Jane's & back & she was brilliant, especially as she's never even left the premises before.  Russell also took some video of us in the school which I've not seen yet but if it's any good, I'll upload it to my youtube page for you to see.  Maddy was lunged as she has her final jump session before Larkhill tomorrow. This coming week is going to be hectic, not just because its the lead up to Larkhill, but I have 2 full days of Pony Club rallies to teach for the Cattistock on Wednesday & Thursday & then an Easter Egg rally for them on Friday.  At least it will keep my mind off the event, I might even get some Easter Eggs for me......!

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