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And we're off ....!

Posted by: Julie - 08 Apr 2012 16:51

It's been 4 years practically to the date that I last went to the Larkhill ODE near Salisbury & I'm very pleased to say that this time it was a much better experience!  Talk about 3rd time lucky!

Maddy & I were entered for the BE90 (Intro) section to get us set up for the season & we set off at the very civilised time of 8.30am with Max in tow & my friend Jane came to help too.  I always remember Larkhill being a bit bleak unless its stunning sunshine but thankfully we were lucky with the weather, overcast but thankfully no rain, well not until we left anyway.  After we'd walked the course & had a quick look at the showjumping track we went off to get ready for the Dressage,never Maddy's best phase, I don't think she sees the point when there is jumping to be done.  However, she worked in brilliantly & I was absolutely thrilled with the way she was going.  Sadly I had another 10 minutes to wait before it was my time to go in & I think we peaked a bit early!  The test could've been better as far as I'm concerned, tactfully ridden possibly the best way to describe it, but the mark of 36.5 wasn't too bad in comparison to some of the others.  The showjumping went without a hitch & we produced a lovely clear round which I was thrilled with, especially as I'd ridden it coolly & not got stressed & for Laura (who turned up to watch which was lovely) to say I made it look easy was a huge compliment!  I could even go as far as to say I enjoyed it!! 

So we got changed for cross country & went up to the start & apart from a few moments where I suddenly couldn't remember where to go next - I was just looking into wide open space & couldn't see the next fence - we had a perfect round!  Double clear for Maddy, giving her another Foundation point to add to her previous seasons total of 12!  What a great way to start the season!  We're off to Bicton at the end of the month to do a BE100 next & continue with our plans to hopefully complete a Novice this season - I have a date & venue in mind but I'm not letting on .... yet!

Today being Easter Sunday has been very chilled but productive at the same time - if that's possible!!  The boys have been indoors all day watching some War film & are currently snoring away to Mary Poppins!!  I, however, took advantage of this fact & got the yard tided & sorted, cleaned all of yesterday's tack, washed boots, fitted Star with a new grazing muzzle, much to her disgust!! & have just finished riding Millie, who went like an absolute dream which is very exciting with her first proper lesson with Hayley lined up in the next 7 days!!  AND she turned 4yrs old on Friday!!  I also managed to clip her heels out as well & she was brilliantly behaved with the clippers, unlike some ....

I have another day off from teaching tomorrow - that's 3 in a row, very rare these days!! Which is actually quite nice having done 2 full days at Aldon for the Cattistock Pony Club & a morning of Easter Egg rally last week.  Hopefully it will give my poor voice chance to get better before I whizz off on Tuesday to Toomer Farm to do another cross country rally, this time for the Blackmore Vale Pony Club & we also have a jumping rally for seniors at home on Thursday where we will be working on jumping corners & skinnies in preparation for the up coming ODE's that they all want to go off & do!  I have to mention a couple of my pupils who went off & got placings at a Pony Club ODE on Friday, Well done to Charlie & Elizabeth!  Other pupils I've heard, have been doing well at their lower level jumping, Olive being one & Lucy the other.  Well done to all of you & do let me know how you get on when you're out & about, its always really exciting to know what you're all up to!

In the mean time, one more week of Easter Holidays to go .....


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