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Millie's first 'outing'!

Posted by: Julie - 14 Apr 2012 18:36

After a sleepless night - I've been soooo excited!! - and having got home from teaching - eventually - because the car wouldn't start, GGRrrrrrrrr but Thanks to Davey for coming to my rescue, EVERYONE should have a Davey!  - I finally loaded Millie onto the lorry for her first 'outing'!  You'll remember she had her first trip out a couple of weeks ago, we went to Morrisons & back & she didn't actually get off the lorry, well this time we went all the way to Hayley's, which is a half hour trip & I have to be honest, the first 10 minutes my heart was in my mouth as she was banging & crashing about & I was on my own but I knew I just had to keep going, but after that, she settled & the rest of the journey was as relaxed as it could be!!

We got to Hayley's with half an hour to spare, so I got her off the lorry & allowed her to take in the sights & 'mooch' about a bit.  Andy, Hayley's husband, very kindly helped me by holding her so I could de-boot & tack up & after a quick spin on the lunge, we got started. 

I couldn't have asked for more!  She behaved beautifully, showed the work we'd been producing at home AND we had our first canter!!  Hayley loved her & was VERY complimentary!  She also told me what I knew I needed to do & that is to 'kick on' with her!!  She also mentioned Burghley Young Event Horse Qualifiers - so guess what - as soon as I got indoors, I got on the internet & found my local qualifier.  I have until July to get her ready for a dressage test & jump a 90cm show jumping track - OK, I'm on the case!!

I have worked this week, you'll be pleased to hear, it's not all play!  The 2nd week of the Easter holidays has  been taken up with Pony Club rallies, as was the first week, only this time I had one Cross Country rally at Toomer Farm & the other at home for the Seniors, focusing on 'skinnies & corners' as well as my regular clients.  I've also done a GCSE assessment session with Holly & Lucy - interesting, I think the requirements have been written by a non horsey individual reading from a book - but having said that, they both rode brilliantly & I will be very happy to recommend they have the upper level 'points' that are available to them.

Well my boys go back to work & school on Monday - !! - so some degree of normality will resume.  Maddy is now preparing for Bicton PN at the end of this month & Millie, well, I'm 'kicking on'...... !!

PS, There is a little bit of video of Millie working in the school at home on my Youtube page which you can access from my website if you're interested, although I do have to say, it wasn't one of her better days!!

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