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Posted by: Julie - 22 Apr 2012 17:21

Last night we had a sleepover with 2 of Jack's friends & I have to say they were far better behaved than I expected!!  They were asleep by 10pm which I was quite impressed with!  They were up at 6.45 this morning, which is fairly normal for Jack anyway but they were quiet, you'd never have known we had 3 small boys under our roof!!  The 5 of us - yes, Russell too - went bowling this morning & Jack was pipped on the last hand into second place behind his friend Joe, my performance was not the best, no change of career for me any time soon!  Lunch at a well know fast food chain followed, before returning home for present opening!

The rest of the week has been jam packed with teaching, both private sessions as well as Pony Club & both at home & out & about.  I also had my final Hydrotherapy session on Monday & I am now officially 'discharged' from all shoulder related therapy!!  The rest of my rehab is just normality & time, another 12 months before we know how close to normal the shoulder is going to be, but I can do pretty much everything I need to be able to do & if I cant do something, I tend to find a way around it!

Maddy went for a jumping session on Wednesday, our first since Larkhill ODE.  We're now preparing for Bicton BE100 next Sunday & she certainly feels good!  Popping 1.10m fences & making them feel small - so much so I actually had to ask how big we were jumping as I didn't think the fences were big enough!!  I really should have know better!  Maddy also had a canter workout this week which turned out to be a very good work out - we got a bit lost!  Well, not really lost but I couldn't find the bridlepath to take us back to where we started so I turned around & went back the way we came!  18km later ..... never mind, all good for the fitness.  I have since referred to the Ordnance Survey map & found said Bridleway so am planning to find it this week!!  Will be a cracking ride for canter work - if I can find it!!

Millie has had an easier week.  Anita came to give her a physio treatment on Wednesday as she was a bit sore, but only from having worked! So she had Wednesday & Thursday off, was lunged on Friday & I rode her on Saturday.  Russell appeared with the video camera & managed to get some good footage of an improving canter!

So this coming week sees Pony Club training evenings, the return to our Friday evening rallies, as well as private clients, Millie's continuing education & our build up to Bicton ODE on Sunday, best I go & clean my boots .......!



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