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Rain stops play .... well most of it!

Posted by: Julie - 29 Apr 2012 10:01

..... Sofa day for me!!  I wonder how long it'll be before my boys drive me mad?  What time is it now ?!?

It's been a busy week tho', I went to another Pony Club training evening on Monday night, this one was Show Jumping coaching.  Although it was run by Pony Clubs for Pony Club instructors, the evening 'coaching' was done by 2 ladies who classed themselves as 'British Showjumping Purists'.  Mmm.....  Well, if nothing else, I came away feeling that I wasn't as out of touch as I can sometimes feel & that actually, everything I'm doing when I teach Show Jumping, whether it be for Pony Club or not, is actually all I need to be doing!  So Good for ME!

Maddy & I did eventually find our ride that we went looking for last week which I was quite amazed at!  We had a couple of really good canters which will obviously be great for her fitness & covered a cool 12km so great for stamina too!!

Well with the rain coming down on Wednesday, Hayley & I weren't sure whether or not to go ahead with our usual jump session, but in the end it was decided that, at that time Bicton was still on & Maddy had to be exercised, so in the end we went for a lovely hack together - there is some great riding out from hers - & finished off with a quick jump school in a very puddly arena, & boy did she jump well, & we also managed to stay dry!!  Later that evening, however, I went to teach another Maddie at her house & the rain came down!! I was actually quite dry in my long coat, hat, waterproof trousers & wellies, but poor Maddie was drenched, but good for her to get on out there & get on with it!!

I managed to dodge showers again on Thursday whilst schooling Rocky for Belinda & teaching her on Pete.  I was then lucky enough to be able to use Henrietta's arena to school Maddy (mine is just a little bit water logged at the mo - no surprises there!!) & returned back to Brickhouse Farm for the 3rd time to teach Maddie again with Katherine!  What a cracking improvement from Maddie & her mare & we started to try & adjust the way Katherine was riding Blue to see if we could stop the mare fighting with her on the way into the fence - work in progress.

Friday was a demon busting day!!  I don't hack Maddy out from home as she gets very very naughty & I've had a couple of close calls with ditches & traffic, but there was something about Friday that made me decide to try & crack it.  I had all day to do it, which for me immediately takes the pressure off, so I decided to lead her as far as the old railway line, then get on & if she was naughty (which she was!) I would at least be out of the way of slippy road surfaces & traffic to sort her out.  It worked a treat!  We ended up riding for a good hour & even managed to get all the way home without incident.  So am thrilled!!  Should save a bit of money on diesel!!

Yesterday was full on teaching away.  Some great results from some not easy horses & believe it or not, a cross country schooling session (!!!??!!! Downlands was open!!) for Hannah, Chessie & Harriet from the AVPC on their new ponies!

So am now off to the sofa, still in my pj's, to see what rubbish there is on the TV!  The horses are lucky enough to be out in the indoor turnout so they can at least stretch their legs.  Everything is crossed for a change in the weather next week as we're now all just a bit bored! 

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