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Raring to go .....!

Posted by: Julie - 07 May 2012 12:02

I couldn't get to Jo's fast enough on Monday to teach her on her lovely new horse!  We seem to have moved up a gear as she now has a horse who is not only willing & able to school, but is also able to give Jo new 'feelings' as she is starting to discover contact & lightness when the horse comes into an outline - exciting stuff!!

I have also continued with progressing Maddy's hacking from home.  She's been out from home 3 times this week & each time I have led her a shorter distance before I've got on.  However, it's not stopping her 'trying it on' when we've been out, but I've managed to ride through it on each occassion & however boring it maybe, I've just got to keep going!

The fact that I was able to use the arena this week for a couple of ponies was a miracle - it spent most of last week underwater, so to be able to teach Abigail & Molly on Monday was great, I have had to keep my girls off it though as we had Pony Club here on Saturday & I really didn't want to have to cancel them, as it happened, my new super additive held up brilliantly!!  Money well spent I feel!!

As Maddy didn't get to Bicton last Sunday, I decided to take her for her usual jump session on Wednesday.  The plan had been to take Millie but as she'd not been able to be worked due to the wet, it seemed like a better idea to continue the progress to Novice eventing!  And WOW!! what progress!!  We are now incredibly comfortable jumping a course at Hayley's of about 1.10m, but as Novice Show Jumping is set at 1.15m, we need to go higher & wider.  So, I've happily popped around this track she's built me, I'm then told to 'rest there' whilst a few alterations to the course are made.  Now I always try not to watch & not think about it as she's altering jumps, but when the back rail on the double is suddenly noticeably higher, you can't miss it!!  The second attempt was much better than the first!!  I think I held my breath first time around which caused me to back off the canter!  After soaring through the air over this enourmous fence, I had to ask the question - 'how big is THAT!?'  1.20m I was told - 4' in old money!!  Not bad eh?!  Just got to get comfy at that height now!!  The funny thing was, when I went to stand next to the fence on my feet, I couldn't reach the back rail with my hand!  Definately the biggest I've ever jumped!  Come on Maddy!!

Well my entries are in for both West Buckland & Pontispool, I feel like I'm sat watching the internet & waiting to see if we get to run - everything is crossed!

On Thursday, I returned to see Danny Boy, the pony I had in to break before I broke my shoulder.  As I no longer have any help at home, Hannah & I have decided to continue with his education at hers.  This means she will be totally involved in the process instead of just having him back when he's done.  He's been 'backed' we just need to ride him away & I think it will be far more beneficial for her to do it with my help.  Am off to see her later today ...

'Stupidly excited' is how I felt as I trekked over to Laura's on Friday morning to teach her on her new horse!!  She's bought herself a lovely mare that's been eventing so maybe she can get out and have some fun - finally!  Am looking forward to helping & watching them progress.

Thankfully the weather held out for us on Friday & we managed to do the Naydon PC rally that evening.  I parked at Julie's so Jack could ride over with her girls, she escorted them to Naydon & I walked back with them.  Its amazing the little things that Jack does with Star & you can just watch his confidence soar!  Little things like he trotted away from me down a track to catch up with them - I must try & be a little more chilled with him!  His riding moved up another notch in his PC lesson on saturday.  They were working on riding a small course of jumps accurately, he's really getting to grips with it!  Star is actually putting in a little jump instead of just trotting over them & he's loving it!  So much so, he wanted to ride again on Sunday & when I asked him if he wanted to hack out, no, he wanted to do the jumps in the school again!

I am soooo looking forward to this summer!!...... 




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