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Bringing eventing to me ... well sort of!

Posted by: Julie - 14 May 2012 08:15

We built our own dressage arena in the front field, with white boards & markers all ready for Jack to practise for the Pony Club show this coming Sunday (weather permitting) & to introduce Millie to 'life' & then we moved all the wooden show jumps out into the other front field so I now have a ready built course to teach over & for Jack to learn all about riding in the 'outdoors'!!  Its amazing how, when you have an arena to use which I'm lucky enough to have, how the kids get conditioned into riding in that sort of environment & putting them out into an open space, the ponies develop a new lease of life &, as Jack discovered yesterday, sometimes get a bit stronger & a bit cheekier too!!  Still, he did an amazing job, I kept the fences smaller than he'd jumped in the arena, good job really as Star was pinging about all over the place & putting in huge leaps & although he had a few steering issues, we got there in the end.  Well done Jack!!

My week has been busy with lessons, Bank Holiday Monday I continued working with Hannah & DB.  She'd done her homework & it was very noticable that she had as DB was far more respectful on the floor with her.  We re-introduced the saddle &, as expected, he bronked again on the end of the lunge for a good few circles around me.  That's been this week's homework, for Hannah to lunge him in his saddle because the more he does it, the sooner he stops his bucking bronco act!  Will see how their getting on this afternoon.

I also taught Charlie & Elizabeth on Monday, both on the flat (to their annoyance!!) & we jumped them around a 1m track.  Now bearing in mind Rocky is only 13.2 I think, this is definately the very top end of his scope.  He cleared everything, what a star, but now its at the point Elizabeth wants to go bigger but Rocky has reached his limit.  Shopping time me thinks!!

Thursday this week was manic!  I whizzed over & taught Laura on her 2 in the morning, flew home & took Maddy jump schooling in the pouring rain - she was brilliant though!  We're working on getting her to 'sit' more in the canter on the flat.  She worked hard, bless her, & was rewarded by jumping a couple of courses which she absolutely pinged!  We then had to rush back & pick Jack up from school to get home for the farrier to replace Millie's shoe - AGAIN & then was back out to teach Katherine & Maddie over at Brickhouse Farm.  We're working on lots of changes with the way their horses jump - not so fast & manic mainly - & although it threw up it's own problems, both girls & horses did a really fab job.

Maddy & I are continuing our hacking progress.  A couple of days this week she really really naughty, but come Friday, we managed to hack out with a very pathetic napping effort from her!  I think we're winning, but as soon as I think that, it all starts again!  Am going to go again this morning & get on closer to home still ...... we'll see!!

Pony Club at Naydon Equestrian on Friday evening was brilliant!  The 2 older groups really upped the anti with their jumping, going both higher & over trickier courses & everyone went home with a big smile on their faces!  Jack really enjoyed his hack to & from Julie's house with Jessie & Livvy.

My Saturday lessons all managed to take place in the sunshine which made a lovely change from what we have had of late, all we need now is for the rain to reduce so that the Eventing can get going!!  Fingers crossed .....!





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