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Jack makes his SJ debut!

Posted by: Julie - 20 May 2012 14:48

And he did really well!  His first round of clear round he managed to end up on the floor after Star put in a rather large 'pop' over fence 5, but he got back on to complete his round.  The second time in he managed to stay on board, although had problems at the double - he wasn't alone, it really was the bogey fence, I think I only saw 2 or 3 people jump it first time.  After he'd gone off & trotted about with his mates, he came back & jumped the 1'6 class & with the exception - again - of the double, he was faultless.  Steering this time was what let him down, but he'll get there.  But for his first ever competition, I thought he did really really well!  Good lad!!

My week has been quite busy with teaching.  I have a couple of lovely new clients to add to my ever growing diary, which is great, Millie has managed to school every day this week & ventured into the new dressage arena in the field - but it has taken all week!  How dare those white boards & markers appear in her field!!  And Maddy was amazing in her jump session on Wednesday, yet again cracking the 4' mark - even when I got it wrong!!

Friday night pony club has reached a new level of fun!  I have 3 cracking groups of children who continue to improve & impress me every week.  This time the middle ride worked on a 'forwards position' with cross country in mind - & also to try to get Jack to stop pulling his pony in the mouth over a fence!  The last group worked on jumping a fence on an angle & then we progressed to jumping a corner.  They all did really well & its so lovely to see them out today & showing the progress they're all making.  I cant believe how many people I saw today that I teach, or teach their children, Pony Club, for me, is turning into a bit of a social!!  I cant wait to take Jack to rallies at half term & give him to someone else to teach so I can enjoy being 'mum'!

I also found myself on the receiving end of a scam to get money out of me this week.  BEWARE!!  It was a very personable chap on the phone who claimed to be working with the Police to produce a 'Crime Prevention Initiative' magazine.  Now, I don't advertise in any sort of media, mainly because I hate paying for it & I tend to find my clients through word of mouth, but, as some of you will know, my Dad used to be a Crime Prevention Officer, so I thought it would be a good, reputable cause to support.  How wrong was I - I have to say a huge thanks to Anita Miles for alerting me to the fact that it was a scam, she too had been approached in connection with her Equine Manipulation business (she treats Millie for me) & as I was really please with the advert that they'd 'produced' (information lifted straight off the website) I posted it on Facebook which is where Anita saw it. So you see, social networking sites do have lots of uses!!  I then found an FB page talking about this company.  I contacted Avon & Somerset Police who were very helpful & not only took the information I had on 'Platinum Press' but also told me that if I had any hassle to call them back - Thank you!

The coming week is looking busy - we have Pontispool BE next Sunday, so fingers crossed the rain stays away so the event can run & Maddy & I can actually go play!  There are some exciting things coming up ..... so watch this space!!



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