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Busy competing!

Posted by: Julie - 18 Jun 2012 15:56

Friday saw Maddy & I at Nunney International Horse Trials, the first running of this event which has taken over from Longleat.  I'd been watching the weather all week as it hadn't been great but thankfully it ran!  We'd entered the BE100+, which is a step up from BE100 with a Novice level Dressage test, Show jumping at a maximum height of 1.10m & with a BE100 Cross country course.

The dressage, never Maddy's favourite, actually went really well.  She was much more rideable than she'd been at Pontispool a couple of weeks ago & we came away with a score of 38.5 which I was quite pleased with.  I don't really know what happened with the show jumping, I never seemed to find my rhythm & we had 2 down which I was disappointed with but hey, we all have our off days.  The good thing about it was that the rise in the height of the fences didn't bother me, I know we've been jumping bigger at home but I'm always a mess when I compete!  I know that the show jumping caused problems for quite a few people so I wasn't alone!

The cross country she ate for breakfast!!  She was fast, straight and pinged everything!  Thrilled, especially as quite a few fences were the same as the Novice ones!  So we've had quite a good preparation run ready for our first Novice - next week!!

Millie made her Dressage debut yesterday & considering she's only ever been away from home twice before, she behaved brilliantly - although she did at times, feel like a Harrier Jump Jet about to take off!!  We got through both tests, I managed to forget the first one which didn't help, she stayed inside the arena boards, walked, trotted , cantered & stopped when asked but there was nothing very relaxed about it - she did a great impression of a giraffe!!

She did, however, blot her copybook when we went to come home as she refused to go on the lorry - an hour & a half & some extra help later, we got there!

So this week its all systems go to get Millie ready for another 2 dressage tests at a different venue on Sunday, a jumping session on Wednesday AND get my head around going Novice at Stonar next week.....!  Here goes...... 

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