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Half term antics!

Posted by: Julie - 17 Feb 2012 16:06

Well here it is - my first official blog on the website!  And what better way to start than to bring you up to date with my Half Term antics!

Its been busy, that's for sure, not only have I had Jack home from school, but Russell has been off work too as his birthday present to himself - thats tomorrow.

The week started with Holly (who helps me out usually after school) & I pulling the jump shed to pieces & throwing out, or I should probably say making a pile of stuff to throw out, all the old un repairable jumpstands, broken wheelbarrows & even a manky old mattress.  Its now all sat in the yard waiting to go to the tip, or maybe we should hire a skip??  Never the less, a very positive start to the week!

Saturday saw regular clients lessons at home, faces re-appearing after the Christmas holidays & Sunday was spent with video camera & Laura Short & her endurance horse riding through their dressage test for Team GB Selection squad.  More Endurance riders should focus on some proper flatwork, its made a HUGE improvement to Laura's horse.

Monday was a trip to the cinema with my boys to see Star Wars 3D - I LOVE IT!!  I know Jack enjoyed it too. After that it was down to the serious business of work & Pony Club rallies.

On Tuesday there was 3 hours of Seniors doing gridwork. We had a variety of horses & riders ranging from young horses to regular hunters but all with the same aim - to get some practice in!  It was enjoyed by all with a request for another such rally at Easter - so we will focus on Cross Country Simulation - Skinnies & Corners in the school.

Wednesday was the turn of the mini's & juniors for Achievement Badge Stable Management rally.  The minis did Horse Clothing & the juniors did Tack Cleaning - best way to get Jack's tack cleaned for Hunting!  Their test day is on March 3rd, so Good Luck to them!

Thursday was filled with Jack going hunting with the Payne's - Elizabeth kindly riding Jack's pony to see how she would behave - I have to send them with more brakes next time.  But Jack had great fun riding Rocky & apparently just wanted to gallop everywhere! Boys!  So whilst he was out having fun, I had 3 hours of mini & juniors ridden rally which was loads of fun keeping them busy with lots of trotting & cantering!  Great to see some new faces too!

This morning, I had my first Hydrotherapy Assessment for the shoulder.  I didnt actually make it into the water but the pummelling I got felt great!  Into the water next time.  I rushed back as I had a viewing for my mare for sale, she went beautifully & the family really liked her - watch this space!!  And to top it all off, I picked up my lorry with its new pulley system for the ramp so I can get going again!  Hooray!!  Hope to be out & about with Maddy VERY soon!

Am off out to put the horses to bed now & get ready to celebrate Russell's birthday tomorrow but with them both back to 'school' on Monday I should actually get something done for me!!



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