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Advertising & Selling.....

Posted by: Julie - 19 Feb 2012 17:48

Well, as you may have seen from my Facebook & Twitter pages, I am selling 2 horses.  Since my latest accident, the loss of my help & the fact that I have got sooooo incredibly busy with the teaching - which is absolutely amazing & I'm thrilled about - I just cant dedicate the time to schooling 3 with another youngster to be broken next year, so I have decided to get on & sell Mattie & her daughter, Toffee.

So I've been very pro-active, got them both advertised on NFED & Horse & Hound websites & with an ad due out in my local Blackmore Vale magazine this coming weekend, & today I had my first 'hoax' email.  BEWARE of these people!!!!  I've come across them before when I've had horses to sell, thankfully this time, instead of getting excited at a prospective purchaser & wasting time replying to emails & providing more information, it was VERY obvious.  As well as the usual bad grammer they're emails consist of, they made the mistake of heading the email '15.1 Bright Bay Mare' - nothing unusual you may think, except for the fact the mare is advertised as being '15.3 Dark Bay mare' - come on, get it right!!!  You have to laugh .... as long as you dont get caught...

Even so, I have a very positivie viewing for the filly booked on Wednesday evening, & a viewing for the mare on Sunday ...... fingers crossed & watch this space ......!

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