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It's Back !!!

Posted by: Julie - 30 Aug 2012 11:55

Yes It’s back !! The blog returns!! Apologies for anyone who has missed it, but there has been so much going on of late, I’ve been meeting myself coming back!

But hopefully now things are settling down, back into a bit more of a normal routine & once again I’ve taken charge of things!!

Its so hard living life as a control freak when things ‘change’ it tends to send chaos rippling through the rest of life!!

Well, Maddy & I went to Stonar to do our first Novice ODE, sadly it didn’t go as well as expected…. The Dressage was ok, I was pleased with her attitude, although, as Laura said as she stood watching, Maddy looks as if she spends all her working in time muttering expletives under her breath! But her test was ride able & I was pleased with what she gave me. The funniest bit was as she did her final halt down the centre line, after I saluted, she stuck her nose in the air as if to say ‘up yours, I hate dressage’!!

As we warmed up to show jump, it didn’t bode well. The ground was quite holding which is not good for her as she prefers it to be ‘firm’. She just didn’t seem to be able to find her spring. Never the less, we went in & she ballooned the first & the second but ground to a halt at the 3rd… mmm, not like her at all. I blamed myself – it was obviously pilot error – so I turned & represented her & she flew it! Ok, bad riding. Fences 4 & 5 she flew going back up the hill but once again gave me another uncharacteristic stop coming back down the hill to 6. Not prepared to be beaten, I turned away & represented & she popped it for me. But I’d run out of lives, the next fence saw us leave the arena with me wondering what was going on & was she ok ????

So we didn’t get to go Cross country, but as she loves that phase the best, I went to accompany Laura around a track the following day, just to see how she was feeling. She was having none of it. That told me that we did have a problem, so I arranged for the new Bowen lady to see her as well as Millie the following day.

Now Millie’s had her own issues. She rather incredibly managed to wrench a front shoe off & severely bruised her foot, so the Bowen helped but its taken about 2 months to get her sound again. Poultice after poultice, Arnica on top of Arnica, you get the picture. So she’s done nothing either. So I guess Pony Club camps arrived at just the right moment!! I never manage to ride over those 3 weeks, so with both girls convalescing, I disappeared off to camp.

Jack’s first junior camp went well. It did, however, make me realise that he had finally outgrown Star & it was time to find him another pony before he loses interest because he can’t get her to do what he wants her to do. So to cut a VERY long story short, Star is off to her new home this weekend & the new boy arrives early September!!

I spent 2.5 weeks at camp for the Cattistock Pony Club & had a great time & after managing to watch all of about 10 minutes total of the equestrian at the Olympics, I came home feeling inspired again! Much more like me!!

So now Maddy is back in work & entered for her next event. We cross country schooled rather more successfully on Sunday & she felt amazing, so am really looking forward to Pontispool in 2 weeks’ time, back on the campaign trail – lets hope the weather stays good so the events run, I’ve got 4 events left to do before the end of the Season.

Millie is also back in work, but has once again managed to pull a shoe off tonight but thankfully not as dramatically as last time! It would be fab to get out & do some Dressage with her this winter & FINALLY get going properly with her! Especially as I’ve managed to get myself some new transport ……!

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