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Voyage of Discovery!!

Posted by: Julie - 13 Sep 2012 16:26

So after stressing out about how to do the ramp on my own (however hydraulic, it still has a quirk!) & loading Maddy & actually leaving the premises, we got there & had a really good session.  We returned 4 days later to have a pre Pontispool prep as having not competed since June, I was always going to be rusty!  We had another good session & came away feeling excited about what was to come.

Now, even though I wasn’t competing until the Sunday, as it was going to be early –ish! I decided that I would travel down the night before, sleep in the lorry & be ready to go in the morning.  It’s only a maximum of an hours drive from my house, but as the new lorry has good living accommodation in it, why shouldn’t I make use of it?!

So with Jane travelling with me, the lorry was packed ready for our overnight adventure!!  Once Maddy was settled, we walked the xc & then the sj & then feeling pretty pleased with both, fed Maddy & retired to the lorry to cook tea & discover which lights worked & which appliances didn’t!!

Sadly the following day wasn’t quite as successful as the over night stay!  I was VERY pleased with the dressage, a good test, calm & relaxed!  The show jumping warm up went well too, however, that was probably as good as it got!  We had a couple down & a very naughty stop at fence 2, which left me feeling a little disappointed so I decided to take it easy on the cross country & ‘school’ round.

HA! Maddy had other ideas!!  After riding very positively over fences 1,2 & 3, she was suddenly very in her stride & told me in no uncertain terms to ‘shut up’ after putting a couple of bucks in after fence 3! This really did mean that she was ‘on one’ & game so off we went, putting technical combinations & quite frankly, rather large fences, behind us.  We came down the hill to the last water complex lacking a few brakes but flew through easily – and then came the crunch.  The penultimate fence was an up turned boat to a ditch at the bottom of the slope, well, total rider error, I read the angle of the boat totally wrong & poor Maddy said no, she really couldn’t go from there.  Realising my error, I took a turn & represented her at the fence, rode it quite strongly & as she put in a huge leap, I lost my balance & was on my way out of the side door.  This was ok until she realised she also had a ditch to jump & regardless of where I was, she knew her job was to jump the ditch – so she did, but I didn’t……. ouch.  I landed over the ditch on my left thigh, thankfully both shoulder & ankle were no worse for wear, but I gave myself a dead leg, so not only could I not get up as it hurt, I also couldn’t move as my air jacket had gone off & I could only pretend I was the Michelin man!!

So as the worried faces of Russell & Jane appeared, I sat there insisting I was ok, the paramedics drove me off the course for a check up.  I can happily report that apart from being a bit stiff for a couple of days, I did jump Maddy again yesterday & all is well! 

So we’re off to put Pontispool behind us & prepare now for Dauntsey at the end of the month …. Bit of jumping practice inbetween, me thinks!!



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