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Pony Club resumes …. With a new pony member!

Posted by: Julie - 20 Sep 2012 15:33

Jack & the recently acquired ‘Scooby’ went to their first rally last Friday evening & he didn’t put a foot wrong – Jack was pretty good too!!  Admired by all for his looks & thankfully, his great behaviour, their lesson went well, which was good really because when Jack’s ride came into the arena, I was beginning to wonder how many ‘E’ numbers had been consumed between them as they were all totally hyper!  After 20 minutes of solid trotting though, they did calm down – a bit!

Pony Club returned to home on Saturday too, it was lovely to see all the kids again after their summer holidays & camps.  It also gave us the opportunity to put in some ‘proper’ riding – making them ride without their stirrups & the like & I have to say, the biggest surprise was Jack doing a beautiful sitting trot without his stirrups!!

A week on from my cross country crash at Pontispool, my bruise is Finally on its way out, my left knee has gone an incredible shade of purple & green!

Last week also saw the arrival of ‘Rob Roy’ for schooling.  12hh’s of New Forest pony, marginally better behaved than the last one of that type I had in – thankfully!  I think he’s only here for this week which is a little frustrating as he’s now starting to work quite nicely, another couple of weeks & I’d be able to make a real difference to his way of going, but hey, sadly that’s up to the owners.

I’ve also managed to get Millie back up & running again – YEEEEE HHAAAAAA!! She’s now been ridden 5 days on the trot, so to speak, & is venturing out on her first hack on Thursday morning….. watch this space ……

Maddy is off for a jump session tomorrow, we’ve got Dauntsey in our sights at the end of the month, but first, I’m going to bite the bullet & go Show Jumping at West Stour on Sunday…….


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