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New Education – for both Horse & Rider!

Posted by: Julie - 23 Sep 2012 13:24

Millie's been hacking!!! & what a good girl she was.  Having not been on the lorry (& definitely not the new one) since she pulled a shoe off whilst having a tantrum, I decided that it would be a sensible idea to go with someone, so Annie came too!  Laura very kindly gave up her morning to accompany me & after a little persuasion, Millie loaded.  I chose Pen Selwood as our first venue as its always so lovely & quiet up there, in fact I think I’ve taken all my babies hacking there first.  My favourite parking space was thankfully available, so once we unloaded, we didn’t hang around & got going.

Now Annie & Millie are very similar in temperament, so spooking was always going to be an issue, but I was amazed as to how little spooking there was – from either of them!  We went through the woods & back through the village, met a couple of cars, a trailer with a horse on board, cows, squirrels, big logs chopped down (which are VERY scary I’ll have you know!!), horses the other side of the hedge & bless her, she never put a foot wrong, AND loaded to come home! Always a bonus!  So we’ll see what happens when we go again next week – now Millie knows what’s going on!

Stage IV is booked & swotting has started.  With not too long until the exam there’s a lot of hard work to be done between now & then, bedtime reading is about to change subject & I’m sure the stress levels are about to increase – poor Russell!!  Anyway, best case scenario is that I go & have a great day & come home with another qualification, worse case is I’ll know what to expect next time & will have specifics to work on …..

Scooby Doo had his MOT this week, Anita came & helped remove the sore bits (there were quite a few) new shoes next Tuesday & then we can focus on getting him fitter & Jack’s riding – although I may need to borrow him for jump schooling for Stage IV!!

Rob Roy has made great progress this week, he’s calmed down a lot & although he’s in need of a bit of ‘Anita’ magic, he’s started to go really nicely.  His owner came to see him yesterday & was impressed with his way of going & has now gone away to decide if he stays another 2 weeks to really cement what I’ve started, or he goes elsewhere.  It’s a tricky one, you can make a start on their education in 2 weeks but will it stick??  I like to school for at least a month to begin to make a real difference but then it does come down to the owners & how much money they want to invest in them.  Those early lessons – whether the horse is 3 or 7 (as he is) are so important to putting the building blocks in place to produce well mannered, well schooled horses & ponies for them to go on & have a productive, useful career instead of being passed from pillar to post because people can’t cope. 

Teaching has been really busy this week, some late evenings & long days, but all good with lots of super progress from everybody I’ve seen.  I certainly have a wide variety of clients at the moment, all of which come with different challenges.  I’ve spent time with a few PC members who were competing in their last ODE’s of the season with some really pleasing results!

So with the rest of my day today being taken up with housework – boo hiss –I do have cross country schooling to look forward to tomorrow with Dauntsey Horse Trials next weekend, more hacking with Millie this week & schooling with Maddy with some exam cramming fitted in for good measure!!  Here goes ……..


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