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Moving on ....

Posted by: Julie - 06 Nov 2012 20:55

5 Weeks of intensive swotting, haven’t done that much since my Stage 3 & worryingly I worked out the other day exactly how long ago that was!  Can’t possibly divulge that sort of information though, just proves how old I don’t feel!!

It has, however, left me with the feeling of wanting to continue with the next lot of exams, which would be my BHS Stable Manager’s, &, as my farrier said to me this morning, now I’m up & running with the learning, best carry on!  Gee, thanks!!   I will take my Intermediate Teaching, which will give me my BHSII & see how we go after that.  I wonder how big the next step up is …..?

On the home front, as the need to bury my head in a book has passed, for the moment, it does mean I can get my head around the serious business of actually riding the horses.  They have taken a back seat a bit – I only have so many hours in a day, but as of yesterday, Millie came back into work, Annie got clipped, Maddy’s been shod today & I have a nice TB horse in for schooling & for sale!  That still leaves Scooby needing a clip & various manes to pull!

Whisper arrived yesterday.  I’ve been working with him & his ‘mum’ Sarah, for about a year now & although he’s a super chap, the combination just isn’t compatible.  So I have the job of finding him a new home.  I don’t think he knows what’s hit him as by the time he’d been here 24 hours he’d been lunged twice, ridden & had a mane pull!!  He’s an interesting character & I’m really looking forward to getting to know him on a more personal level.

Millie, as I’m sure you can imagine, was fairly wild yesterday!  Full of ‘Yippee’ bucks on the lunge & ‘thank goodness I’m working again’ whizzes around the school!!  I have realised though, that she is going to have to be clipped too, mmm, dilemma there, look what happened last time I gave a horse its first clip ……

Annie & Scooby are keeping each other fit with hacking & PC rallies.  Jack did his first xc rally with Scoobs last week & although we had a few ‘eating grass’ issues, when he was actually jumping, they were both brilliant!  Jack is going to have so much fun with that pony as he gets bigger & stronger.  He’s recently started going to shooting practice with Russell so that he can get going with Tetrathlon & Triathlon next year.

And as for the Madster, she’s just had a 2 week holiday after the event season, which sadly didn’t end as well as it started – but that is totally down to rider error – so now we’re going to crack on & go Dressage & Show Jumping this winter in preparation for next year’s event season & hopefully finally make that transition from Pre Novice, sorry BE100, to Novice!


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