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Results are in .....

Posted by: Julie - 19 Nov 2012 08:50

A huge thank you to all the people on Facebook who saw my post & sent me congratulations!

So now it is all back to normal, & has been since my results came through, although with a bit more gumption than normal!  My livery, Whisper, is improving by the day & I’m really keen to find him a home where he can have a great job with lots of variety.  With the right person I think he will enjoy a great career as a Riding Club horse, bit of dressage, bit of jumping & some fun out hacking…. If you think he’d suit someone you know, let me know …

As far as my horses are concerned, Maddy is on her way back in to work, needs clipping again though, Annie is off to Combined Training on Thursday, Scooby needs my input as he’s getting a little bit on the cheeky side & Millie did her first Dressage outing today since the spring & although the day started badly – it took me half an hour to load her – and the first test scored a VERY generous 56% -, tense, I think is probably the word of the day, having said that, a couple of hours later, we went into the arena for our second test & it was like sitting on a different horse,  she suddenly chilled and became rideable & really showed what she could do!  Ecstatic!! Got to keep the ball rolling now & get her out and about.

I have another gelding coming for 5 days schooling today, which means the boys & girls ration is even for the first time ever!!  So busy busy … and on that note, here endeth the shortest blog ever!!

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