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Off to a good start!

Posted by: Julie - 21 Jan 2013 13:48

Jack FINALLY went back to school so I could get on with the normal day to day riding & teaching routine.  All 3 of my girls got clipped out, including Millie who I managed to do on my own without any sedation & considering what a fidget she is, that was no mean feat!!

Maddy came back to schooling as the arena was just dry enough after all the Christmas rain.  And no sooner had she started schooling, we had to stop again as her hind leg became the size of an elephants!  Poor thing, so she’s back on antibiotics & bute to try to get the leg back to normal.  And all this from a tiny little cut that I thought I’d washed out properly …. Note to self to be a bit more vigilant in future, however small you may think the cut is!

So as a result, Millie had the first trip of the year to Hayley for a jump lesson.  And with all the excitement of a trip out, comes the trauma of loading L.  She has to have her say ….

Anyway, it was a very successful & exciting session.  We jumped a double, and for the first time, oxers, fillers in under the fences & a whole course!  What a little superstar!!

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