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And then came the snow …..

Posted by: Julie - 21 Jan 2013 13:59

School closed, Russell left for work – then came back – so worked from home.  Understandably my lessons for the day cancelled, but I tried to remain positive that I’d be able to teach on Saturday, but as the day went on, it became more & more apparent that there would be no work for me at all this weekend L

So then I got grumpy!! But instead of taking it out on my boys – which is quite usual- I managed to put it to good use and cleaned my kitchen! Including inside the cupboards!  It gets quite worrying when Russell comes in & asks if I’m ok!!  Domestic Goddess I’m not!!

I did cheer up a bit on Saturday, even though the planned Pony Club Achievement badge rally fell victim to the awful conditions & then on Sunday, that was it, enough already…..  I had to do SOMETHING constructive, so I set about shovelling the snow off the arena …..

Russell thought I’d gone mad, told me it was pointless & he certainly Couldn’t (or maybe that was wouldn’t) harrow the snow for me.  So off I went with music from my iPhone playing away in my pocket & my shavings fork in hand to attack this .....


It was slow going ...



And then he DID help out & harrow what I’d done, so now it looks like this ….!



And this morning I’ve managed to ride Millie on it, & I’ve made a few alterations so a 20m circle is slightly easier!  It does help my mood & I feel that the day isn’t being totally wasted!!  As I came in, the snow is starting to thaw, I’ll be glad to see the back of it, that’s for sure although Jack says otherwise!  So much fun when you’re 8!!

Hopefully next week some sort of normality will have resumed… until then…

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