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Normality ….. questionable…

Posted by: Julie - 26 Jan 2013 15:51

Maddy still has cellulitis, her hind leg is at least now showing some definition, so the swelling has reduced, the sore bits of pink skin are a much healthier colour now, but the leg still looks scabby & a bit manky, but she is sound!  If it stays dry, I may be able to bring her back into work, has anyone seen the forecast for the coming week…?

Millie’s leg is improving all the time, the size of her scab is reducing but the skin is cracking a little underneath & I’m not about to risk getting it re-infected, so I’ve confined her to barracks AGAIN, poor thing but I think it’s worth getting it healed properly before we try & crack on and do anything.

Scooby Doo had his first PC outing this year on Thursday night & his first since he started his Pilates!! Anita has given him some stretches to do to try & keep his withers & hips a little less tight – he’s enjoying it a little more now than he was!!  Kim & Freddie very kindly picked Jack, Scooby & I up for the rally on Thursday,  so we also had travelling companions, which was lovely, made a fab change!  The PC ponies were all feeling a little relieved to be out I think!  Quite fresh in some cases but my great little jockey’s rode brilliantly!!

So as I continue to pray for either sunshine (ha!) or hard frosts or anything other than wet, Horwood rallies resume next Saturday & with it comes, what hopefully should be, (is on paper anyway) a busy February – Bring it on ….!!

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