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Posted by: Julie - 24 Feb 2013 18:03

The last couple of weeks have certainly been the best so far this year.  As the wet stuff has given us a break, it’s meant that the school has dried out enough for the horses with scabby legs to be brought back into work, which needless to say makes me VERY happy!!

It’s been a busy month on the work front, 3 Saturday’s running of PC rallies as well as the Thursday night crew, lots of private client’s lessons & a couple of days out viewing potential new equine partners for clients. 

With both Maddy & Millie back in work now it finally looks like I WILL get to go Eventing this season sooner rather than later.  Maddy spent her first couple of days hacking out, whilst Millie worked in the school & on day 3 went for a jump session with Hayley!  Millie’s favourite party trick is a very interesting strike out with both front legs in mid-air, whilst jumping the water tray!!  She’s off for another session tomorrow & am quietly thinking of getting her ready to go to Bovington BE in April.  Maddy will be aimed at Larkhill with a quiet run at BE90 to begin with, but this year I have EVERY intention of getting her xc schooled before a competition!

Jack has to steal the show this month though.  He’s been doing his PC rallies with his friends as usual, but the rallies have been more focused on the Team SJ they are all going to be doing next week at Conquest in Taunton.  We’ve been working on riding a course, including small fillers & introducing the different types of fence they may find on their course.  Today, there was mini jumping at Downlands Equestrian near Warminster which I thought would be a very good trial run in preparation for next Sunday, especially as Jack & Scooby as a partnership have never competed together.  It was soooo worth getting up for!!  A very nervous Jack warmed up, with a few ‘I can’t do this Mummy’.  But as the class allowed for assistance, I went in with him.  I started off running beside Scooby, but there was no way I was going to be able to keep up so he continued alone with me standing in the middle of the arena. 

He trotted a lovely clear round & even cantered the final line of 3 fences & came out looking very pleased with himself, totally unaware that he then needed to do a jump off!  When his turn came, we went in together again & he jumped a fab round with just a little bit of help from me & managed to come away with a 5th place rosette AND a Special for actually riding the course on his own!  One very smiley boy!!

The second class was a little bigger and going in a different direction, so after he’d run around it on his feet,  I stood in the middle, more as a comfort blanket than anything else, & together they cantered around it all on their own.  When they came to the jump off, it was a brilliant repeat performance & he was rewarded with a First Place rosette and a trophy!  Clever boy, but equally clever, clever, super pony!!

There’s some video footage of them on Youtube, both practising & todays outing which you can view by clicking on the link here on my website.

So an exciting season beckons I feel.  Huge lots of Good Luck to all those B&SV PC members at the Mini Team SJ next Sunday, & Millie’s next Dressage outing will be the week after, so you’ll need to watch this space ………….

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