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And it all started so well……

Posted by: Julie - 21 Mar 2013 13:53

Aside from the constant flow of regular lessons, which is wonderful & long may it continue, March kicked off with Jack’s first Pony Club competition.  We trucked down to the Conquest Centre just outside of Taunton for his team debut & what a great day we had!!  They started off in the 1’3 class & although in his desperation to remember that he had to jump his jump off as soon as he’d finished his first round, he managed to forget to jump the last 2 fences before starting his jump off!  But clever lad realised what he’d done afterwards & knew not to make the same mistake again!  However, he managed a 4th place in that class (don’t ask me how its judged!) & with his fellow team mate, Alice, their mixed team ended up winners of the class!

He was part of a full team of 4 B&SV PC members for the 1’6 class & although Scooby rolled a pole in the first round, the team was 4th!  Now, because when the entries for the competition had to go in Jack was having a wobble about jumping anything more than a cross pole, he wasn’t entered for the 1’9, but after having had such a great morning, confidence was running high, I had ‘please mummy can I do the 1’9, please?’  The organisers allowed him to jump HC which meant he couldn’t actually take part, but he didn’t mind (!) & went out & jumped the most beautiful double clear I could’ve asked for, fillers & all!!  Clever boy with his equally super clever Scooby Doo!!Jack & Alice with their rosettes in the 1'3

The B&SV PC Mini Team!

Millie went on another outing to Hayley’s for jump schooling & was just brilliant!! 85cms, fillers & water tray but good positive jumping, brave & bold!  So I went home all excited, turned her out into the field for some well-deserved R&R, only to get on her the following day for her to be hopping lame.  Out came the vet, who scratched her head – lots – muttered Pus in the foot & Fractures which scared the living daylights out of me & prescribed box rest with pain killers & anti-inflammatory drugs &  said we’d re-assess her the following Friday.   Well it wasn’t Friday, it was the Tuesday after but thankfully she was pronounced sound – and boy was that welcome news!!  So she is back in work AGAIN & hopefully we won’t have a repeat performance!

As Millie was entered for Dressage & Combined Training & obviously wasn’t going anywhere, Maddy had to deputise, much to her disgust as far as the dressage was concerned – it’s not her favourite phase!!  Having said that, she put up a good performance for her, 62 & 63% & another 63% at the Combined Training, & with that, she’s now entered for Howick ODE at the end of the month!!

Jack managed to throw a spanner in the works last week.  A horribly nasty accident at home (which could’ve been so much worse but let’s stick to the positive) had him spending 2 nights on the Children’s ward at Yeovil District Hospital.  Thankfully, he’s come away with a broken toe & a hairline fracture of his upper right arm amongst his scrapes & bruises.  We came home from PC last Thursday evening, and, as usual, he got out of the lorry to open the yard gate for me.  I last saw him in my mirror running behind the lorry.  Thankfully I was going a snail’s pace because as it turned out, he managed to slip & fall underneath the lorry & was dragged across the yard .  He’s a tough cookie & although was obviously very battered & bruised, has got better & better by the day.  It was an accident but that hasn’t made me feel any better about it.  A week on, I’m apparently starting to annoy him now as I’m constantly checking to see how he is & he thinks I’m fussing – obviously needs to go back to school!!

Well the weather seems to have turned yukky again which is a pain as cross country schooling is planned for Monday.  It would be nice to get a school in before Howick, but if it doesn’t happen, it won’t be the first time I’ve competed without one …. Just for once it would be good if my lead up to an event went without a hitch ….. watch this space!!




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