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Posted by: Julie - 04 Jun 2013 18:46

Jack is thankfully fully recovered from his ‘bump’ with the lorry, Maddy didn’t make it to cross country school before Howick, but didn’t make it to Howick cross country either!  Millie has been to her first ODE & Jack & Scooby continue to progress & win far more rosettes than me!!

Jack & I had a nice day out to Howick, Maddy did quite a good test (for her) & warmed up well for her SJ which then unfortunately ended at fence 4.  The ground had got quite sticky as it was drying up & she hates ground like that so as she realised she couldn’t get her feet out to clear the fence & crashed through it, I decided it was time to retire & go home.  The next drama was having to withdraw her from Bovington due to lameness so we’d not really got going until we went to West Buckland in May.  Just me & my hoss!  How lovely!  I’d been battling with my confidence before we went, so the aim was just to complete, which thankfully, we did!!  10th after dressage, a very naughty moment at the beginning of the show jumping AND similar at the beginning of the cross country, but that can be Maddy first time out, but on this occasion I was just happy to get round.  We’re off to West Wilts on Saturday so hopefully that may prove a little more successful!

Millie didn’t make her first ODE at Bovington as it cancelled, so we did a riding club ODE at Pontispool, which ended at fence 7 in the show jumping.  Miss ‘short little span of attention’ spotted a horse going cross country on the way to fence 7 & just didn’t look or see the fence, so crashed through it & that was that!  We show jumped at the same venue the following week & lo and behold, the same thing happened again!  So by the time we got to the BE at Pontispool a couple of weeks later, my confidence was in tatters!  Having said that, we had a cracking lesson with Hayley a couple of days before hand & I realised that I could ride & get around, so off we went.  She warmed up for the dressage well in amongst the many other horses doing the same thing.  I couldn’t have been more focused to show jump & although we had a navigational problem & a handful of baby errors, we DID get round!! Woo Hoo!  We were actually going to get to go cross country!!  Mmm, short lived.  We started, jumped fences 1 & 2 from a standstill (when we actually got to them), cleared 3 & 4 like professionals & ground to a halt at the water at 5.  It was a seriously technical track for the standard but I was delighted to have jumped 4 fences!  Onwards & upwards!!  So we’re off to Bovington for an unaffiliated on Sunday & I aim to get all of the way around – even if we have to bypass one or two on route!!

Jack has been team jumping again & I have to admire his perseverance, he didn’t get an easy ride from Mr Scooby Doo on a couple of occasions but as part of his team, they brought home 2 team 1st places.  He’s out practicing in the field after school & at weekends & his Dad has built him a few little cross country fences to practice over.  I think Russell may have found a new vocation, he’s made some fab little fences!!

Teaching continues to be busy & sometimes I don’t know how to fit it all in!  Having said that, I think clients may be feeling a bit sorry for me & giving me a bit of a break over the next couple of weeks as its gone a bit quiet, which is great as it means I can get the work into my 2 ready for the next few events, but guarantee, as soon as I say it out loud, I’ll end up being inundated & off we go again!!  Its all good!!



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