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Where has the time gone ??

Posted by: Julie - 05 Aug 2013 19:10





Well I’m now well into Pony Club camp.  I’ve got 2 under my belt with another 2 to go.  Cattistock Mini’s & Seniors have taken up the last week & a bit, am off to Juniors tomorrow with Jack & Scooby in tow as ‘guests’, gives a new meaning to child care!   Jack came to Mini camp to help as he’d just broken up from school & made a couple of new mates who he’ll be riding with for the next week so I’m sure he’ll have great fun!

My horses on the other hand tend to take a step back at this time of year as there are just not enough hours in the day, but I think they need it.  Maddy went to Hatherleigh ODE & we didn’t have a good day, however, since then she’s had a sports massage & is definitely looking better as a result.  I started off well, keeping Millie going before I went to camp, but then the week filled with evening lessons & my body decided sleep was more important!  But they’re both having a break as I take stock & try to organise my life a bit better, it’s been an odd start to the year, I feel as if I’ve been racing around trying to get them both going and have nothing to show for it as neither are going as well as they should be, so time out & a re- think is in order.

On a VERY positive note, I was invited to become a member or ‘Recommended Equestrians’ recently.  The people that produce ‘The Little Black Book’, which is a free directory full of Professional Equestrian people from Instructors, to Physio’s, to competition venues, have produced a website & a Client Accreditation Scheme where you invite your clients to leave Feedback & a Star Rating for you & the service you have provided them with in an effort to promote good professionals within the industry.  I was very flattered to be asked & have already received some wonderful feedback from clients both past & present.  If you’ve not already seen it or are indeed a client or a former client, & you like what I do, Please do go to the website & leave me some feedback, www.recommendedequestrians.com.  If you’ve not yet seen a copy of ‘The Little Black Book’ your local tack shop of feed merchant should have one, but if not, get in touch & I’ll send you one.

So the lorry is packed,  Scooby is hopefully ready for action & Jack is still arguing about jobs – ‘to do or not to do’ seems to be the question ….

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