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Wincanton does Burghley …. Ish!

Posted by: Julie - 08 Sep 2013 20:43

But now back to reality!  The horses are back in work after having had a massive 6 weeks off, and I think they’re actually quite pleased to be doing something again!  This week has been dotted with lessons & yesterday was the first rally after the summer & as it coincided with Burghley Cross Country day we thought it might be nice to try something similar … similar being the operative word!

‘Dressage’ was warming up in the school but did include a couple of movements from the PC ODE Dressage test that had been ridden incorrectly! Then we moved out to our smallest jump field where Russell had brilliantly crammed in our 5 mini fences & 3 workable show jumps to make a course – all be it a very tight course but never the less it had to be ridden correctly in order to jump clear.  Everybody rode brilliantly!! And in fact, the only riders that had a problem were those that went too fast – isn’t it always the way?!  But we had great fun & when they came to jump the whole ‘course’ we had 3 clear rounds out of 5! (speed again being the problem, mainly this time caused by over excited ponies & quietly competitive riders!!)   If we’d had time, I’d have got them to do a jump off, but we were already late finishing.  Next time! There is some video footage of some of the rounds on my Youtube channel, click the link on the website to have a look.  (All video taken with kind permission of parents)!

So as today is the only day Burghley is shown on the TV and as it coincides with my birthday, today I shall mainly be watching TV & drinking Champagne!!  Well, TV for definite & knowing Russell, I’m sure there will be a bottle or two consumed!!  Well, isn’t that what birthdays are for …..?


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