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Worth getting out of bed for!!

Posted by: Julie - 27 Oct 2013 13:58

With a change of trainer for Maddy & more regular input with Millie from Joanna, I took myself off to Dressage at Kingfisher Equestrian this morning with Millie.  After initially not being able to find my breeches or my shirt having put them away in disgust when the eventing went wrong, feeling very out of practice & a little out of sorts, my boys went off for Jack's swimming training & Millie, Yogi & I went Dressage-ing!!

It's the first time I've competed her on my own & the first time in a dressage arena since Treborough in May, but with our new tactics in place & new dietary input, I was so pleased with the way she warmed up, I nearly came home without riding a test!!

We rode Prelim's 7 & 18 and she gave me a wonderfully relaxed feeling from the minute I got on, so very much better than the tight, tense horse I've had previously.  After halting at G for the end of the first test I was absolutely thrilled & when I saw her mark of 71.5% I couldn't believe my eyes!!  So I pulled myself together & got ready to go in to ride the second test & although it wasn't quite as relaxed as the first one, she still managed to rack up a score of 68.3%!  VERY very pleased!! 

She'd earned her time out in the field so I came home before the end of the second class, with instructions to a friend to text me a picture of the final results of Class 2, not expecting a place as there were some very smart horses to come but low & behold, if she hasn't managed to get herself placed in BOTH classes!!  2nd in Class 1 with 71.5% & 6th in Class 2 with 68.3%!!

So with a huge smile on my face, I'm now sat doing entries for next Sunday!  Watch this space ......

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