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Millie the Dressage Diva!!

Posted by: Julie - 22 Jun 2014 19:24

We went out a couple of weeks ago to do some local RC dressage as our first outing in 12 months & it wasn't the best.  A very naughty pony & I believe the comment on my dressage sheet was 'disobedient'!  A bit of an understatement!!


So I have taken the attitude of we just have to go & get on with it, de-sensitise Millie & show her what life is all about.  So today was another outing, another RC dressage competition but a considerably better result!  I was just delighted to warm up with her behaving & then to be able to go in & ride a nice test was a bonus!  Even the judge said to me afterwards 'I think you should be very pleased with that!'.  I certainly was!  I'm going to frame my results sheet!  I've never had so many 9's in one test!  It totalled up to 84.73% to place us 2nd - the winner had the same mark but her collectives were 2 marks higher than mine to give her 1st place.  I really feel like we have hopefully turned, or are turning, a corner.  It just goes to prove if you keep trying, keep working at it, the results will come.


Here's to onwards & upwards!  Video can be viewed via my You Tube link if you'd like to see it!

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