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Camp is over for another year!

Posted by: Julie - 19 Aug 2014 07:10

... But it's been a really great summer, can't believe it's nearly back to school time already!  I was really lucky to have some super kids to teach this summer, great fun was had by all & Jack joined me for the 2 junior camps & met up with old friends & made some new ones too, as well as improving his riding & generally having a great time!

As for my horses, Maddy is still on her extended holidays, Millie I've tried to keep ticking over quietly whilst working at camp.  She had an outing to Mid Somerset Show on Sunday to experience a different type of 'party', so was entered into the Riding Horse class.  There was so much for her to look at, bouncy castle slide, trade stands, flags flapping, and although she was Very tense, she did actually behave very well - for her - & although was unplaced, she showed herself well in the individual show, although I managed to bore the judge because I let it go on too long - well, I was 'schooling' her & having quite a nice time!!  So for her next outing, we're off to Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show tomorrow, to do the same thing all over again!  

My holiday is now only 4 sleeps away!!  The boys & I are off to Turkey for a week's break, which is well needed all round!  Jack is ridiculously excited & I'm just looking forward to eat, drink, sleep, repeat!!  Oh and, of course, basking in the sun & not having to work in it!!  Our fabulous friend Holly is coming to look after the horses & Tilly so I know I will be able to relax with them in her very capable care!


So although holiday is coming first, I am also looking forward to getting going again in September.  I love September as it always feels like a clean sheet, starting again, that sort of thing.  I will be cracking on with Millie & going out to do lots of dressage & show jumping & am particulary looking forward to going cross country schooling with her.  I'm planning to work really hard so we are actually ready to go eventing in the spring!  Maddy will be having her shoes put back on & be brought back into work as she is thoroughly bored now & needs to do something, but she'll have to play second fiddle to Millie, which really won't impress her.  And my lovely livery horse, Yaki, who needs to find a loving caring home, will continue his work regime & maybe I'll try & get him out to a couple of dressage parties.  Jack is desperate to take Scooby hunting, so that's another one to add to the keeping fit list!  It's all go, as ever, but all very exciting!  But before all that really kicks off, there are exams to take ...... fingers crossed & watch this space ...!!

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