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Times a changin'

Posted by: Julie - 13 Oct 2014 12:55

It's all feeling a bit weird here at the moment.  Jack has decided to give up on his riding & concentrate on his swimming, which is no great surprise really but he was man enough to say that he was no longer interested, which I thought was very grown up of him.  So the lovely Scooby was sold yesterday to a lovely family who live at the foot of the Quantock hills between Taunton & Minehead.  I'm quite jealous as I'd love to live there!  So he's off this coming weekend so Ive spent the morning cleaning his tack & getting together all his bits & pieces to go with him & it's made me feel quite sad.

On a brighter note, Millie went to another dressage competition yesterday, this time at West Wilts, & produced another 2 lovely tests to score 72.1 & 72.3% and bring home a 2nd & 3rd place.  So it's definately finally starting to come together with her. smiley

Maddy has finally had a mane pull so she looks slightly more normal & loved & not the wild woman she has been looking.  She's supposed to be coming back into work but I'm finding it really hard to get motivated with her.  She's not an easy horse to ride which always makes things 10 times harder, but as she is also currently advertised, I need to do something.  I can't see her ever moving on tho', she's just too tricky...

Yogi is a saint, as ever!  I had to clip him out last month as it was so warm & he was suffering a bit, but I'm delighted that what he has grown back already is quite thick, especially as it's now raining again sad!

My livery horse, Yaki, is a constant gentleman to have about, he's going to miss his scooby shaped friend next week.  He'll have to have Yogi to keep him company.  He's another one that could do with another home where he can go hacking etc, but for the mean time I'll have to get it organised from here.  So time consuming when you have to box everywhere.

I have 2 horses I'm schooling for other people  twice a week, both whose results are improving each time out, which is always very rewarding, and the usual stream of clients for lessons, some new ones added to the mix which is always refreshing but equally as much as watching those you've been working with for a while continue to progress.

I've also had a lovely article written about me by a client & featured in the October edition of The Ridgeway Rider.  I'm always amazed by how lovely & appreciative people are.

So we'll keep bobbing along & see what's instore next.  The yard is going to feel quite empty when Scooby has gone, but I'm sure it won't last long, it never does!

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